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Re: Anything else would have been failure

stuntmonkey wrote:

Besides, image quality is not all stitched up with modern technology. True, few of us are asking for more pixels, but more sampling is more sampling. More resolution matters if you are paying attention to detail lost in the reds and blues to the Bayer filter (flower and horticulture shoots). You know what a 24mp D5200 is? It's the equivalent of a 3-colour Foveon-esque 6mp dSLR. Some of us have been waiting (not anxiously) for 3-colour capture for low contrast detail. If we can't have that, then more sampling is more sampling.

I think Nikon could go in the direction of using the extra speed of their processing systems to produce one RAW from 2 or 3 files, bracketed in exposure (-1,0,+1 stop would be enough). Merging them for a one extra-DR, extra-color, lower noise RAW would be interesting. Or just letting them there for out-of-body merging (to RAW, special soft), would be enough.

I think we are about there in terms of one-shot, Bayer array system, maybe another 1/2 EV in DR and another stop in high ISO, but that's it. Big accomplioshments technically speaking, but still not of much value in practice. Foveon is one way to do it, other non-Bayer designs will likely show up, but I think processing will be the way to go, it's cheaper, simpler, and can be adjusted to your taste.

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