Dumb people & Guns, what a bad mix?

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Re: A simple requirement would solve this.

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Five hurt in shootings at US gun shows.

Authorities in Ohio said a gun dealer in Medina was checking out a semi-automatic handgun he had bought when he accidentally pulled the trigger, injuring his friend. The gun's magazine had been removed from the firearm but one round remained in the chamber, police said.

You know when you put razors in monkeys hands what to expect?

My suggestion is that gun dealers MUST close one eye and look down the barrel with the other whenever they pull the trigger on ANY gun.

Problem solved.

If it is really that simple, there won't be hundreds of kids accidentally shot at home yearly.

Accidental discharge
"Still many more gun accidents occur in the process of loading, unloading, or transporting weapons. Among all gun accidents (not just those involving children) accidental discharge is responsible for a good majority of the tragedies. Here are the common things that go wrong:

The person thinks the safety is engaged (Around 5% of all accidental deaths.)
The handler thought the gun was unloaded, or that the magazine was disengaged (Around 14% of all accidental deaths)
The trigger was bumped or pulled accidentally (Around 20% of accidental deaths)
The gun fired on its own due to a manufacturing defect or malfunction (Around 5% of accidental deaths)
The gun fired while holstering/unholstering (Around 1% of accidental deaths)
The gun is dropped and fires (around 11% of accidental deaths)
The gun fires while working the safety (Around 1% of accidental deaths) (Source: Karch et al., 2008)"

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All of that relates to non respect of basic safety rules AND/OR never having learned them.

General safety rules plus those specific to the weapon bought should be taught before the person is allowed to walk out with the new toy.

Maybe people should not have to learn to strip a gun blindfolded but almost.

Some people are just too dumb for the tools they use.
I do agree with what that website said, the idea of having a gun for family protection is like having a cobra in the house.

Quite. It's fine to talk about rights, but what about the rights of those non-owners who are killed and injured by these incompetents.

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