GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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Laws of optics for using an EVF

94 wrote:

It's something that any experienced user of rifle scopes should recognize. The right distance from the view and correct alignment of the eye's pupil with the optical center of the exit view and you get the best the optic can offer. Anything else will appear, small, distorted, or smeared if either the eye or the subject is moving.

Just adjust the diopter to your eye's focal ability and look through the center and fullest frame. Keep that alignment regardless whether the subject is moving or still. It becomes habitual pretty quickly most of the time if there are no bad habits to overcome.

Pretty weird and off-putting that one has to adhere to the LAWS OF OPTICS when using an ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER.

If you are doing hectic paced shooting, particularly fast paced video shooting, your eye may slide left/right/up/down by 1/10th of an inch easily from the perfect central axis of the EVF -- what then?

Personally, I am fan now of using LCD VF loupes on the LCD screen and leave the EVF the heck alone. The GH3's EVF is at least of a very nice size, but there are others that are only 0.2-inch diagonal -- who are those intended for, I wonder -- squirrels?

Connecting an external high-end EVF or LCD/OLED screen to the camera via HDMI is another option, but then you need to juice-up that external device with another battery.

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