Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

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Re: Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

joe12 wrote:

I really don't think it is too much asking for multiple face recognition, then having the camera pick an appropriate depth of field. This technology already exists. And for individual portraits actually distinguishing the closest eye as the point of focus. Just some ideas. Fact is I am no expert in focusing. I have some fast lenses and a 5D ii and almost always recompose. I never used the 5d iii and would certainly like too try it out.

I'm sure you're right that the auto mode focusing capability of the 5D3 could be improved.  But, as I said before, although the 5D3 has a rudimentary auto mode, it's not really intended to be used that way.  And personally, I'm glad it doesn't have a more "fool proof" auto mode.  Because if it did, I'd have had to pay extra for something I'd never use.

The bottom line is that the 5D3 is a great pro and enthusiast camera. But for folks looking to shoot in auto, I'd recommend looking elsewhere.

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