Got my fisheye yesterday!

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Francis Carver Senior Member • Posts: 1,122
Which Rokinon lens is it -- 7.5mm or 8mm?

Pedagydusz wrote:

Apparently, everybody knows which lens the OP (clengman) and fish monkey are using. But I haven't a clue, and would like to know, given the obvious interest of theses photos!

(I know what a "fisheye" is, I am asking making and model )

Could you please clarify?

I think it is a ROKINON 7.5mm M4/3, but it could also be a ROKINON 8mm with a Canon, Nikon, etc. mount and a M4/3rd lens mount adapter. Just asked the same thing from the OP.

As you can tell, the 8mm variant can also be ordered as a CINEMA LENS which in this case mostly means that you can manually adjust the iris on it in totally smooth fashion, i.e. the aperture ring had been "de-clicked." Comes into the picture mostly (i.e. makes more sense) for videography apps, of course.

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