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Tons of Oly fanboys kicking around...

rrr_hhh wrote:

Even when they are confirmed photographers coming from other system and knowing their needs from past experience ?

But, it is the Oly fanboys who are really to blame. Their unnatural love affair with the EM5 creates the hype in the first place. You can see the tears in their eyes when they talk about it. Guys, it is just a camera, a toy. There are far better cameras out there if you want the best.

I don't see so many Olympus fanboys around. But what I see is some trustful Panasonic users who were accustomed to look at their GH cameras as the flagships MFT cameras and at the GF1/GX1 as the most reactive and best RF shaped MFT offering, and those Panasonic enthusiasts are getting a little disgruntled by the Olympus recent progress and success. For two years, everyone in the forum was swearing by the GH2 and GF1/GX1, while Olympus was more often criticized, at first for slow AF, then for featuring the same old Panasonic sensor. Now, since 6-8 months the E-M5 has taken the fisrt place and is still getting a lot of attention inspite of the issuing of the GH3 and G5. That seems difficult to swallow for some Panasonic users.

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...just like there are a ton of Panny fanboys.

If you haven't noticed one group or the other, that's only because 1) you haven't been around this forum since the beginning or 2) if your views are closer to that of a fanboy then you would tend to not notice those fanboys but really notice the other group of fanboys. Course some just don't notice or bother to notice which is ultimately probably more healthier for your sanity

There has always been both group of fanboys. There are probably more Oly fanboys now but that is simply because, well, there are probably more Oly users on this forum these days. If there were more Panny users, then there would probably be more Panny fanboys comparably.

Just to clarify, I'm talking about fanboys, not fans of brand x. Though the above probably holds true for just normal fans as well.

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