Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

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Re: Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

Shalom2006 wrote:

bhollis wrote:

Shalom2006 wrote:

Why does he not just push the depth of field button on the camera before clicking the shutter??!

The problem with the dof preview on modern dslrs is that it doesn't accurately depict the actual dof through the viewfinder. The only way to get an accurate depiction of dof is to use the dof preview button in live view, which isn't practical for many shooting situations. And even then, what appears sharp on your camera's lcd may not turn out that way when viewed at full size on your computer screen.

Well I disagree, having taken over 10k photos with my 5D I do not have any issue with out of focus photos & use the Depth of field button!

Well, then, I guess we disagree.  In my experiience, at wide aperatures, the dof I see through the viewfinder is significantly greater/deeper than I'm actually going to get in my image.

See the attached discussion in which Canon rep Chuch Westfall confirms this for apertures wider than f/2.8.  Others have stated that it's really more like f/4 and below.

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