DP2M vs 5DII comparison pic

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Let me guess:

Soon you will see the same few forum residents of the kindest kind show up to duly perform their due diligence, i.e., mentoring the audience how to correctly interpret these images, lest forum visitors get lost amidst the misguided remarks and comments of the Sigmaniacs. They will make sure that visitors will not fail to identify the green corners and colour blotches in the shadows, and see how inaccurate and unsaturated the colors of the DP2M are, by inherent deficiency of its sensor technology. Regarding the extra details and resolution of the DP-M, they will sweat themselves to make you understand how useless they actually are in reality as you hardly ever print larger than A3. They will hold you by your hand (or collar, if necessary) and lead you through the confusion and darkness of Foveon to the truth and glory of only God in imaging.

And this will evolve into heated name calling, should anyone, ...

Who would like to bet on this?

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