Best selling mirrorless cameras in Japan for 2012

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Re: M43 with over 50% of the mirrorless market

Just Having Fun wrote:

I am sure Sony is taking it serously that in their home market, M43 still has over a 50% marketshare while theirs has dropped to 20% for 2012.

1 - Olympus 29.8% 2 - Panasonic 23.6% 3 - Sony 20% 4 - Nikon 14.3% 5 - Pentax 9.4%

I am sorry but it is not about sony vs m43.  Sony has 20% , panasonic has 23.6 % and oly has 29.8 % (your figures), thats all. I do not think oly and pana share profits nor do they share any other costs. They use same mounts and thats all so it is meaningless to lump them (oly and pana ) together. You might want to do so but oly and pana are different companies.

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