Mac Mini: Please help me figure out where I should invest my upgrade?

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Re: Mac Mini: Please help me figure out where I should invest my upgrade?

elliotn wrote:

Bill Heiser wrote:

I, too, find LR4 and CS6 sluggish even in this configuration. I've attributed much of the sluggishness to the sharing of the image files from the PC. I'm exploring Thunderbolt RAID devices but has been mentioned, they are very pricey - and even worse, I'm much such a large investment having read stories of issues with Thunderbolt storage (arrays going offline, etc).

I'm glad I'm not the only one finding 2011 Mac mini sluggish for photographic tasks.

It should be easy for you to test whether the networked files are the cause of your slowdowns - just put a handful of them on your SSD and try working from there.

Good point ... so I tried copying a selection of 16MP images to the SSD and imported them into LR.  There's a significant improvement this way as we'd expect.  But there are still delays, for example it takes several seconds for the image to render in the LR Library view.  In general it still doesn't feel as snappy as one might like (or expect when no spinning disk is involved).

I'm curious to hear from anyone using a 2.6Ghz core-i7 2012 Mini with LR / PS and how it performs.

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