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Even with poor focus and too little DOF, the image looks OK

Jared Huntr wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

The D5200 has much cleaner sky and a ton more detail. Kit lens to kit lens at 18mm, the little 18-55 gives a much better account of itself towards the edges as well.


Not a definitive conclusion, but hey.

You actually consider that 5200 image good? I can't even tell what it focused on.

Here's that image compared to a point and shoot:

ePhotozine doesn't always have the best images as they often choose harsh sunny days for shooting test shots. But yes, even with poor focus and too little DOF, yes the image looks OK. At least until you look at it at 100%.

It is difficult to find the focal point, but it seem like perhaps the D5200 shot has focus in the reflection in the fountain's water. He was trying to do a near/far cityscape type image with the fountain in the foreground and the building in the background. The problem is he used f6.3 so didn't get enough DOF, which is why the building is soft. But at normal viewing distances, the image looks OK. For pixel peeping at 100%, not so much. The reason why in the P&S image the building is in sharper focus is likely due to the deeper DOF.

Still, Reilly's point is still valid, as it's easy to see what good IQ the D5200 produces. Extremely clean base ISO image with fantastic colors and excellent DR.

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