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Good art can't come from bad karma.

Guido FORRIER wrote:

rumors :

this time this looks good to me . Bayer died and Bayer sensors are dying (at least i hope so )

What a totally sick and thoughtless thing to say. Not the most vile thing I've seen posted here, but definitely in the top ten.

as i already told here : i developed some sigma dp2M files

I am trying to frame this in a way that doesn't sink to your level. When you make a statement that a great scientisr died, and you "hope" his work will die, too, that is wrong on so many levels that I don't know if it's possible to make you understand.

Dick Merrill, a brilliant man whom I respect greatly, passed away five years ago. He was responsible, more than any other, for the design of the Foveon sensor in that DP2M. The "M" in "DP2M" stands for "Merrill", a tribute to his contributions.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the people who are offended by your post. Imagine if someone had written "Merrill died and Foveon sensors are dying (at least i hope so)”

Now do you understand what you've done, or how it's perceived?

and Sony can not compete in sharp detail .

An old mentor of  mine had a saying

  •  Good art can't come from bad karma.

It does not matter what sensor you use, guido. You have great ugliness inside yourself, and your art will reflect that. The world does not need to see your ugliness "in sharp detail."

Fix yourself, before you worry about your camera's sensor.

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