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ehazera wrote:

wetfop wrote:

ehazera wrote:

Please don't shout.

For goodness sake come into the real world! It's not shouting, it's capital letters. Do you know the answer to the question or not?

Why not answer the question, with a polite note about forum etiquette. Looking back on previous posts it's obviously a mistake or hardware issue. Don't be so rude.

When someone uses all capital letters in a forum environment, it's called shouting.

Welcome to the real world.

Yes I do know that. And if you'd had the foresight to look at previous posts you would see that the OP does too. As I said why not answer the OP's question,, and then add a polite note to remind of forum etiquette. To simply reply about his/her etiquette is rude.

To bugeyed...if you think being rude is funny, well it takes all sorts.  And in case you couldn't understand my post I was taking to ehazera not the OP, so no I didn't answer the question.

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