Trade my 5D2 setup for X-E1?

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Bernie Ess Veteran Member • Posts: 7,018
I have both...

5d II since 2009, the X-E1 since last week.

The ultimate IQ and resolution in normal ISO goes to the 5dII, colour/ skin tone to the Fuji.

The real advantage of the Fuji is to be a small camera that doesn't intimidate people like a DSLR being a bigmonster with lens and sun shade, and it's lower weight.

However if you pland to do portraits also inside in lower light (even with flash), you have to know that the AF of the X-E1 hunts in low light, and often does not lock, not so with the 5d. All in all the operation of the X-E1 is for slow shooting, it's operation is sluggish in almost every respect.

It is a nice little camera, but as a full substitude of a DSLR, the X- line is not yet there. I'd assume the X-E2 or 3 will aready be much closer, hybrid AF etc.


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