OMG, 3 layer sensor from Sony?

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Because they can or my 2 cents worth

Greetings Sigma Fans

Well Sony is making this sensor because they can.  To show people they can.  If this sensor comes out in 2014 as stated, it's going to change the whole game.

Now you'll be able to choose a Foveon type sensor, or a bayer sensor, all from your favorite camera company.  Just think of it, a Nikon, Pentax,  (or what ever) with a bayer sensor, a bayer sensor without a AA filter or a 3 layer sensor and you can use all your current lenses.  Or a FF, APS-C, or m4/3 sensor in a bayer, bayer without an AA filter, or a 3 layer sensor.

I'm not sure why Sigma has not allowed other companies to use the Foveon?  Maybe because Sigma is to small and can't supply enough of the sensor's or in the different sized needed.  Or maybe Sony blackmailed companies not to go with the Foveon?  It's your guess.

I don't understand why Sigma won't sell cameras in different lens mounts.

Any way you slice it, if Sony brings this sensor to market and it works it spells trouble for Sigma.

Let me ask you a question, would you buy a DSLR or a Nex style camera for around a $1000 USD with a 3 layer style sensor or would you buy a Sigma SD1m for $2300 or a DP for $1000 USD ?

So here I am with $2500 USD to spend, what do I buy?  3 DP's, 1 SD1m or a Pentax K30 weather sealed, fast AF, high ISO 6 FPS and 3 lenses with cash left over?  Or an Olympus OM-D 3 with 3 lenses and cash left over?  It's your call.

As much as I like Sigma it makes me a little nervous.

Just my 2 cent worth.


Roger J.

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