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reply Dave and on mirror lenses

There were a few "idiots" around when I was there a few years ago, aren't they called "Hoons" ? and a couple of fires started, luckily Tasmania is fairly well prepared for such things, and they were dealt with before they got out of hand.

The most frequently used term of derision is "bogans" but that in turn has almost become  a badge of honour so  any attempt to put them down has backfired People (some) aspire to be labelled bogans!

I have traveled extensively over the years, and one thing I can tell you is that there are always problems wherever you have.......people! Having said that, Tazzy is one of my favorite places because it has far less than most places, and being able to drive 50 kilometers without seeing another being has been a highlight of my stay there!

Blimey if you think Tasmania has space you should visit parts of South Australia (west coast)  Central Australia  far north regions etc  in the centre (desert)  you can really be isolated , this place is a buzzing  bee hive of activity compared to some places I have lived

We find it funny as years on the flatlands to hear locals speak of long distances  when the island is little more than 200 km North to south, we had a holiday home 600 km from our main home in SA, our day trios to the city were over 300km round trip (often morel like 400) People think it is long distance in Tasmania if they cannot walk to it ! We live 60 km form Hobart and that is really in the sticks or boondocks , many people we meet have no idea where we live , never been here (60 km form the capital even if they were born in Tassy!) We hop in the car drive to the city and can be back for a late lunch if we wish, amazing!

When I first arrived at my friends place, their kids would tell me about all the Pademelons they would see in the paddock at night, not knowing any better, I wondered what kind of strange Irish vegetable this could be having never heard of it before, it was a week later when coming back from an evening in Hobart that I was enlightened by the sight of lots of small Wallaby like creatures in the head lights!!

they are the most suicidal insane creatures on the roads at night we try hard to keep off the roads as it is a real pain avoiding them  , never hit one but .... they have zero road sense

True story though we havd never gheard ofthem while living on the big island otthe north, Tasmanianss keep their treauresto themself it seems , we had over 20 here again last night (every night) for feed

I remember your native hens being everywhere (a sort of Moorhen on steroids!) never got a close shot of one though!

They have an ill deserved reputation for being dumb but really they are incredibly aware and intelligent, we cannot walk near a window without them watching us and they will rush to the door to be fed  as soon as they see us active indoors

I'm intrigued by the 500mm mirror lens, it's a shame there is no middle ground with these, they seem to be really cheap or top of the range and out priced.

I have had mirrors since the 1980s , I had a 800 f11 Vivitar solid beast that I could never tame using film , (wish i had it still) the ISO of film meant too slow a shutter speed even on a tripod with modern digital I could wind it up (ISO) and tame the thing I am sure

I had a 500 mm Vivitar a few years ago , since passed it on to a young relative , it was good but the manual focus meant only one keeper in ten it was too slow with my eyes  I have a section on flickr with it (149 pics so you can judge how well it worked when  I got it "right" )

After  I bought the Sony(Minolta)500mm mirror (the only auto focus mirror lens made !) I was the champion for mirror lenses on the forums for a long time , still think they are great (at least the Sony auto focus one) ,theri quauty is often debunked unfairly after al lthey are the same design as used for the best astronomy telescopes made  ,they are totally chromatic aberration free unlike glass lenses  and they may lack contrast slightly but with digital that is not a problem ,as for the dreaded doughnut "problem" that is hyped way out of proportion and is often non existent  I have 704 samples from the Sony in a flickr set if you care to check them out ,I love the lens still it is light , compact , very good value (sadly I think discontinued but often on ebay still) well worth every cent IMHO

Also an interesting concept, having a small form factor, but from what I've seen, IQ is not the best to be a viable option for wildlife, fun to play with though I'm sure!

you judge for yourself I even have a few BIF pics Like most equipment it is up to the skill of the user  but never let anyone tell  you it is no good they are brilliant if used properly ( I tried and think I did pretty well with mine even if I was not an expert with it )

Would be interested in your views when you've had a play?

What I am doing now is bringing an old favourite out and using it manually - which is better than I remember with the old Vivitars

BTW the portraits of the singers were taken the first day I got it , indoors close focus of 5 metres, 3200 ISO (I think) and all hand  held, some  as low as 1/30th second? I was impressed ,likewise the dragon flies , not perfect but .....

check them out hopefully you might change your mind

good luck  and best wishes from Tasmania


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