G5: Disappointing Battery Life

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Re: G5: Disappointing Battery Life

Batteries are a puzzle. I have a 20+ year old Hi-8 Sony Video Camera, and the three original Li-on batteries are still usable. The held charge is much lower, but still gives at least 15 minutes filming per. charge, each battery.

Batteries for my 3 Digitals all give satisfactory numbers of exposures at present.

Now Li-pos are a different kettle of fish, must not completely discharge or fully charge, and if left in storage voltage should be at 3 Vts. per. cell. not higher. If overcharged can explode, and ditto if completely discharged and then charged before cooling down. How do I know, well ask anyone who does RC Model Cars/Planes/Boats. I do planes, well 'copters really.

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Cheers. Ken.
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