Replacement for D300??

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Re: Replacement for D300??

deednets wrote:

ripnils wrote:

Thanks for sharing!

Did you get an X-E1?

If so, could you please compare how ISO is compared to the D300?

Ie, when set to same ISO, do you get the same speed/aperture?

I try to evaluate how much the better the Fuji is compared to my D300 but since I don't know how they compare regarding indicated ISO vs real ISO it's a bit hard.

Yep, the X-E1 ...

High ISO is no comparison, have a look at the dogs hair, there is no smearing I can see, that is at 6400. In good light the D300 is fine up to 1600, but if there is too much shadow, it really shows.

Yeah I know, it five years younger so it SHOULD be no comparsion... = )

What I meant was, a shot with both cameras at ISO3200, do you get the same speed/f-stop?


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