Confused about external hard drive speeds

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Re: Confused about external hard drive speeds

Thank you for the information.  I thought that it would be quicker as 7200 rpm was recommended when asking a previous question.  When I went to the store to look at purchasing the "computer expert" told me the mis information about the "bottleneck" at the 3.0 USB.  I even asked another computer salesperson in the store and he did not say the first guy was mistaken.  Since it had been recommended in an earlier message I did not purchase at that time and am happy I did not as I would have purchased the slower one.

I will be using this drive strickly for LR (personal only) purposes on my laptop and desktop.  I am also wondering about brands.  Any suggestions or warnings regarding choosing a brand.  Note I will back up on another external drive that we use for all computer info at home every week or so.

I appreciate the feedback/help

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