5D MK III? $3,500 mistake

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30 years experience with Canon Says Otherwise

I'm sorry, but I really don't quite understand your point. A sample of one means nothing. Your particular camera was defective. It happens. One case doesn't mean a thing.

I have been buying Canon cameras since the first EOS 620 in the 1980s. I have owned I don't know how many Canons--the 620, the Elite, EOS 5, EOS 3, 20D, 7D, now the 5d3, plus a bunch of G series cameras over the years, multiple lenses, flashes, other accessories.

I have never had a single item fail, either mechanically or electronically, in over 30 years of buying and using Canon equipment. Usually I was able to sell equipment I no longer wanted for 70% or more of what I paid for it new (I am an amateur and baby my equipment ridiculously). And lenses that I have purchased used have also worked for me without a single fail.

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