Tokina 12-24 lens with or without focus motor?

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Re: Tokina 12-24 lens with or without focus motor?

Buzz Lightyear wrote:

I have decided that I want to purchase a Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens for my D5100. Normally I would choose a lens with a built-in focus motor, but Tokina has two models -- one with a built-in motor (the Pro DX II verson), and the other older model with no built-in motor (so it would have to be manually focussed on the D5100). Except for improved multi-coating on the DX II verson, both lenses reportedly produce the same image quality. However, the manually focussed lens is $70-100 cheaper than the DX II model. I'm wondering if I really need the built in focus motor version. It seems to me that most of the landscape photography for which the lens would normally be used doesn't really require the ability to auto-focus. I don't think I'd be trying to capture fast moving objects, so why do I need a built-in focus motor? Or, is my thinking all wrong? Would I really be much happier with the Pro DX II model? Is it really worth the extra money, or do I really need it for a D5100?

I bought the Mark II version, even though I have a D7000 which could focus it automatically. From what I understand the Mark I version suffers from more flaring, something I have not experienced with the Mark II.

By the way, you've made an excellent choice. The lens is built like a tank and produces very good IQ. In my own tests I found that going from f4 to f5.6 sharpens up the corners, while moving from f5.6 to f8 produces negligible difference.

Having said that, I'm happy to shoot the Tokina at f4.

Enjoy your new lens!

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