X-S1 EVF/LCD Minimum Refresh Rate

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X-S1 EVF/LCD Minimum Refresh Rate

Checked out the X-S1 in a camera store, when zooming in and out with the lens without at the same time panning or tilting the camera, and the displayed images in the EVF were so torn-up and jerky, I had estimated a refresh rate of only 5fps to 8fps (i.e. 5 Hertz to 8 Hertz).

Someone on the Forum had suggested that perhaps the camera was not in the maximum refresh rate setting when it comes to its EVF and LCD refresh rate, although no one could figure out what the MINIMUM refresh rate would be if you had changed it downwards from the maximum. Well, I just did, in case anybody else out there was also wondering about this.


On page 102, under EVF/LCD MODE, it says this:

"Choose 30 fps to increase battery life, 50 fps for improved display quality."

Well, I know the thingy runs on a battery, but really, why dumb down your camera on purpose just to save 5 minutes of shooting time, right?

Now, the way I had read the Fuji X-S1 manual.... there are only 2 display refresh rates available, period, as follows:

(1) 30 fps

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-- OR --

(2) 50 fps.

In other words, I did not see in the setup menu's submenu any option to set the EVF's and LCD's refresh rate to 5fps, 8fps, 10fps, 15fps, and so on. It only says "30 fps" or "50 fps." It's on page 102, the best I can tell.

What I saw the EVF doing was definitely NOT 30fps, since it was obviously below 10 fps refresh, the tearing up and jerkiness was so bad. At a true 30fps refresh rate, you are well past the lower limit of the persistence of motion, and thus you should not be seeing any jerkiness.

I am curious if anybody might have any explanation for this phenomenon. I cannot figure out how a demo camera in a store could be messed up so bad by anyone, that its EVF's refresh rates would drop down so much below the indicate 30fps minimum?

Fujifilm X-S1
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