Final nail for stock photography?

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Not all stock is dead...

Man, what a mess eh?

I warned these guys for years, especially when it hit Flickr that none of these big companies had any real interest in long term earnings for contributors, but I was shooed off as a bitter pro who lost his income to amateurs.

Now look at them, what a shame:

And the thing of it is that at least for me, stock sales are very much back up. Not pre-economic crash up but heading that direction. The reason for this is that unlike people who are looking for an easy buck with the agency model, I set up the below the radar, password protected infrastructure years ago, when the economy was bad. I did it because I have a very good niche that I protect like no other. It's all 100% private, out of the prying eyes of other photographers....or to be clear, wannabe photographers. In other words, my day job is photography so I treated it like a 100% commitment, not some means to buy a lens or two per year.

But iStock, Getty, Flickr-Getty, all short term business models that put the company first and the contributor dead last, every single time. Anyone who has even a trace of business acumen realizes that you do *not*, under any circumstances join a crowd that big and expect to retain any degree of control over your property or stay in the profit end of things for very long.

There is still very good money to be made in photography, millions in fact, but you have to have top levels of talent and the insight to run your business correctly.

For the rest, it's a sad, sad world out there and you did it all to your selves...and the saddest thing of all...? were warned.

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