FZ200: hummer - ISO 1250, 1/2000 sec, f2.8

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Re: FZ200: hummer - ISO 1250, 1/2000 sec, f2.8

Beautiful shot, can you give a quick tutorial on how you captured that?

Handheld vs. tripod?

What settings were you using, what did you turn on or off ?

How far away was the bird?

I'm guessing that a hummingbird helps and hinders getting a good in flight shot since they hover (adding less movement vs. something traveling across the screen at 30mph or so) but have the extreme wing speed making freezing that movement really difficult

Think underexposing a bit might have helped freeze and catch even more detail?

Have you played with even higher ISO numbers?

Are you auto focusing or using the manual method?

Everything I've been doing lately is pushing things the other direction, super long exposures in low light conditions... it's grey, wet and cold here.  Birds are tough when the sun is completely hidden and they are a 100 feet or more away (and you are shooting through fog!).  But I'm looking forward to later this year when everyone says the sun WILL come back for at least a little while!  Look forward to improving on my wildlife shots I took last year.

Bonus question, where on the menu of the FZ200 is 'world peace'.  It does everything else...

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