I shot a terrorist!

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Re: Roel

l_objectif wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

But I don't very much like the subject line (even while I realize you did not mean it).

There is just too much wrong characterization going on in general, so why add to that?

(I hope you don't object to this honest opinion. And no, I am not a muslim, just someone who tries to avoid racial/religious/political stereotypes. I still love your work, Louis.)

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Roel, I don't mind any honest comment; good or bad! But I must admit I am very surprised by this kind of "Views" expressed by you and another person about this post!

My shot has no "Political" meaning at all and I just tried to give a "light" title without the kind of meaning that you guys are suggesting!

I live in America and we have been in horror of witnessing here and across the world, shootings and killings of children, family members, people in movie theaters, in metros, and you just name it! This is unfortunately a part of our every day life and we all feel very bad about it! Among the victims and the ill-doers, there are white people, black people, Asians, Middle Easterners; and people of every ethnics and religion! Nobody ever blame any of those categories! Bad things happen everywhere by bad people regardless of their backgrounds; but whether we like it or not, life must keep going!...

If we try to consider every single and the most horrifying tragedy that we see in the News or even in our own personal life, then we should throw our cameras by the window and we should never be able to shoot anything!...

I deeply respect your feelings about what is going on right now in some parts of the world and I do share those feelings! But I respectfully do not agree with your comments about this post!

Let us still hope for a better world,

well said louis, its a cruel and bad world out there, we all know it and most of our own countries have and are suffering in their own way.

this is a photography forum and i for one dont believe that the op was intending the title and the image to be anything but a fun image of what is a very dangerous looking and beautiful woman, albeit in a very innocent way.

anyway, isnt art supposed to be a little dangerous and controversial at times????

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