Some ‘issues’ with the MX-1 concept

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Re: I do not want an EVF on the Q....

Raist3d wrote:

it would make it bigger an thus lose appeal.

But what I do think they can do is improve the LCD. The LCD just has too much glare. There are LCD's that do better (Panasonic LX5/LX7).

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I had an LX5 and liked it... when I added the EVF for it.

I understand the compact size issue with an EVF. That is why I accept the concept of an attachable EVF. If you dont want it, then you dont have to buy it. If you want it, you can.

With no EVF port, the customer has not choice.

Congratulations to Olympus, Leica, and Panasonic for including the option on both fixed lens and interchangeable lens cameras. Similar props to Ricoh for the GX100, 200, and GXR.

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