OM-D, birding, and focus box

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Re: OM-D, birding, and focus box

John.Laninga wrote:

In the second shot, the bird was sitting on a single stalk, about 25 ft. in front of the background. Should be ideal for a clear shot with bokeh background. However, no amount of coaxing (including using the touch screen to set the focus box to 10x) would allow me to focus on the bird.

My wife got upset with me because I was using nasty language under my breath. Very frustrating to find a cooperative bird and then the camera won't focus. On my now-retired GH2, one button press would have brought up center point focus and allowed me to take this picture.

Oh well, shows I still have lots to learn with the OM-D.

I can only describe what is the case with the 4/3 75-300 and up until recently on the the E-PL3, my E-M5 being quite new.

Once the AF has really lost the plot it may not be searching any where near your desired image plane.  When this happens, I find I have to "reset" the AF by  focusing on an easy target near the designed image plane.   I generally look for something textured.   I find I have the best success if I can get the AF to pre-focus somewhere near the desired image-plane so it doesn't have to search much.

From you previous comments I presume you're already using Fn2 to narrow the focus box, this gives the AF less to work with and a bad target can cause it real issues.  But the smaller box is much better for birds in clutter, so it is definitely the way to go.  I don't expect a high success rate with birds, the major factor is how close I can get - best not try if you're easily frustrated.

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