Replacement for D300??

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Re: 51pt pro AF, 8fps, plus pixel density of 12mp DX = d300

Kerry Pierce wrote:

deednets wrote:

Well then don't! Autofocus is a no brainer in favour of the D300!! Per pixel sharpness is much higher though because of the lacking of an anti alias filter! The X-E1 does 6 FPS at 14-bit though ..

AF is one of the most important aspects of the d300, IMO. The X-E1 files might be nice, but I'd rather use my d3s for high ISO stuff. It gives me the AF, FPS and all the other stuff, plus the great high ISO files.


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Sure! If you can afford it, need it or just want it, then that's fine with me! I have no intentions regarding winning people over to another system! Just thought that some here might find this interesting! I did 2 trips to Christchurch within the last 4 weeks and my camera bag (backpack) is considered borderline regarding size and weight. The usual stuff in it I guess, 70-200, macro, wide angle, flash, iPAD, charger, batteries, filters ... 7kg ... Make it 8 with the tripod ...

Will be doing the Tongariro crossing next month, a track next to the volcano that erupted last month and I though: Am I nuts?? The Fuji weighs 800g with lens ... plus tripod, make it 1.8 with the tripod. I am getting old you know ...



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