Manual focus. why the obsession?

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Re: Manual focus. why the obsession?

Not disagreeing, I like using film emulations myself. I was just pointing out that the technological advances do make it easier to capture sports, esp. in low light situations as I detailed.

"Lenses have characteristics — particularly the older MF lenses. The Fuji lenses (I have the three basic primes) while very, very good, seem also very neutral to me. (Perhaps a good attribute?)"

It can be a good attribute if that is what you want, but there are times when one may want a specific look or characteristic too.

"They hurt that goal, IMHO, with their fly by wire focus on the lenses. The MF lenses bring it back."

I understand what you are saying. However, I think the damping on the 35mm "fly by wire" feels better than most of my Nikon AF lenses used in MF mode. That includes screw drive and AFS (which feel terrible), only exception would be my old push-pull 80-200 2.8d. None really have the silky smooth feel of a MF lens though, esp. the older jewels.

It would be nice if Fuji changed how their focus worked a little though. A setting for AF+M (like the OMD) would be really nice. It would be nice if you could bring up magnification in AF mode as well.


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