Replacement for D300??

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Re: 51pt pro AF, 8fps, plus pixel density of 12mp DX = d300

Kerry Pierce wrote:

If your new baby doesn't have those things, it won't replace my d300.


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Well then don't! Autofocus is a no brainer in favour of the D300!! Per pixel sharpness is much higher though because of the lacking of an anti alias filter! The X-E1 does 6 FPS at 14-bit though ...

You get some, you lose some .. I intended to keep my D300s, wait for the D400 (or whatever...) and keep all my lenses. Truth is that I feel less than enthused about picking up the D300 now, simply because the files of the X-E1 are a perceivable notch above the D300s. Higher DR (not just at pixel peeping level!) and a clarity that is just stunning! The micro contrast of the D300 can be pushed in software to mimic the Fuji sensor (shadow recovery or blown highlights, sharpening etc) but it never quite gets there ...

One of those moments where you open the files and think: "Is this for real??"

Drawback?? For sure!!!! The 51-point AF I would have loved to keep! Autofocus certainly not as good (to put it mildly!) but not that bad either! AF is slow but when it locks in, it locks in! I took around 100 or so photos at the Hot Rod show and not a sngle one is OOF, no biggie, since the light was good. The night shots in Auckland were all taken after dark - and again not a single one OOF. If you shoot sports then forget about this camera though!

Benefits?? For sure! Forget about your pixel density! The per pixel sharness of the Fuji sensor just blows the Nikon files out of the water! Seriously! Another benefit I find is the near silent operation of the camera, quiter than the M9, a mere click, the lens AF motor you can barely hear.

So there you have it, the good and the bad! Image quality is exceptional! Have given the D800 a good try over the last 7 or so weeks, but per pixel the Fuji is just sharper, just more fun on screen to work with! Have a look at this photo, there is some engraving on the right hand side in the shadowy area of the carburator. If pixel level is your game ... well ...



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