Dynamic area autofocus explained

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Mako2011 wrote:

cerberusjf wrote:

There is a thread in the FX forum that helps explain dynamic area autofocus system


This is how I understood it works, based on posts in this forum, but it seems the manual does not do a good job of explaining it.

I thought I'd post it here as it may be useful to someone.

I haven't used dynamic area.

There is much misinformation in that thread on how the dynamic AF Area modes work. Even the AF modes ingeneral are not understood by some in the thread. The OP in that thread actually misreads much of the manual and the literature available.

Here id a PDF that explains it far more accurately

AF explained.

I would only add in testing, I have found even AF-area mode 39pt acts more as a panning enhancement vs tracker across the frame like AF-Area mode 3D does.

Also note that there is also a 2016-pixel RGB sensor input (D7000) in AF-Area mode 3D and and this allows the target to be tracked even when it leaves the FOV of the 39 arrays. Needs pretty good contrast and uncomplicated scene to work well.

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I agree this is a great document. My only reservation about it is, didn't we see on another thread that focus may be acquired by a point other than the one selected?

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