Replacing A Roof Color To A Certain RGB

Started Jan 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
joey_B Veteran Member • Posts: 3,080
Re: Replacing A Roof Color To A Certain RGB

changing colors in an RGB space is a pita, because the luminosity values of the colors are dependend on the actual color you are using. For very extreme color correction I would use L*ab colorspace, because there you can fiddle with the color all you like without alterning the luminosity value and the contrast of the roof.

Do you have a picture of that roof, and the color value it should become? I could let you see the workflow.

Other method for which you won't have to leave RGB space: put an empty layer on top of your stack, set the blend mode of that to 'color' (upper left of the layers palette where it reads 'normal' by default), and paint OVER the image with the desired color.

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