EM5 Hype?

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Re: EM5 Hype?

Allan Brown wrote:

Jake21 wrote:

For me I just wanted a decent small camera; the em-5 has a pleasent view finder (I tried a few of the panasonci camera and didn't like the view finder as much) is and anti-dust are also big plus. I don't really care about weather sealing; but decent performance up to iso 1600 is also a plus.

Well, I looked through the G3, G5 and EM5's viewfinders and found the Larger size of the G's better for me.

And the OP didn't, which isn't an uncommon experience. It's a matter of preference.

But, if you were looking at Panasonic bodies and, therefore, the m4/3 system, did you not realise that the Panasonics' have Exactly the Same Anti-Dust system?

Not exactly the same, and in my experience with 3 different cameras from both manufacturers the one in the Panasonic doesn't work as well. They're both pretty good, but the only problem I've ever had with dust was on a G2.

Also, the G3's high ISO is as good as the EM5, perhaps better with more detail. The G3 was optimised for High ISO.


You've become unmasked as a true Panny fanboy/EM5 hater. Not sure which, doesn't matter.

I've owned both cameras and I can say with 100% certainty that the high-ISO images from the G3 don't hold a candle to those from the EM5. The G3 is a great camera--my favorite Panasonic camera so far, and I've owned three of them--but it is what it is. From what I've read maybe the GH3 sensor matches (or even exceeds?) the OMD sensor, but not the G3, no way, no how.

If you had made a real educated decision, you should have known those things. So, while you are free to buy the camera of your choice, it sounds like you too were caught up in the hype.

One of the stupidest things people say when they're trying to make a bad argument: "you're free to buy anything you want, but . . . ". Well duh. Did anyone ever, anywhere, claim the opposite?


I completely understand why someone would prefer the G3/G5 or any GH model to the OM-D. The Panasonic cameras have a lot going for them, as I know because I've owned them

HOWEVER, I don't understand why you seem so intent on putting down the EM5 at every chance you get, like your'e trying to justify your decision to pick a competitor.

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