Replacement for D300??

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Re: Replacement for D300??

ripnils wrote:

Thanks for sharing!

Did you get an X-E1?

If so, could you please compare how ISO is compared to the D300?

Ie, when set to same ISO, do you get the same speed/aperture?

I try to evaluate how much the better the Fuji is compared to my D300 but since I don't know how they compare regarding indicated ISO vs real ISO it's a bit hard.

Yep, the X-E1 ...

High ISO is no comparison, have a look at the dogs hair, there is no smearing I can see, that is at 6400. In good light the D300 is fine up to 1600, but if there is too much shadow, it really shows.

The X-E1 merely warms up at 1600 so if this is of any importance to you, then the X-E1 might be for you. The camera has usable jpeg images possible at 25600, not brilliant but still full of detail, have a look at the dpreview sample images of the X-E1, there is a patchwork, full of details, stitching, embroidery etc. The shot taken at 25600 ...

I personally never cared too much for low ISO capability. What made me change was the fact, that after using the D800 I thought: Am I going all the way up, including all the new glass etc or down ... didn't want to go downwards regarding image quality so did some hunting for alternatives. The X-E1 has the same sensor format as the D300 so I knew what to expect re DOF and bokeh.

I find the detail at any given ISO is simply amazing! Pixel peeping a joy, if that's your game?



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