Help needed - want to take honeymoon photos that don't stink!

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Re: Help needed - want to take honeymoon photos that don't stink!

Thanks again everybody for the great feedback on this.  Wanted to share a few I ended up taking.  I'm no expert but overall very pleased with the ~1000+ "keeper" photos i took (ended up filling 6 8gb cards with JPG/RAW! Haven't done any processing on these (straight JPGs out of camera) but I do have all the RAWs as well.  I'll get around to cleaning them up someday, but I also need to work on a refined workflow so i don't spend 1hr per photo on stylizing images.

Bottom line, I loved the v1 for this trip - it was small enough to take everywhere, focus was great, and i got pretty quick adjusting any in-menu settings.  I felt like I made an effort to take photos, but that i never spent too much time trying to take the perfect photo.  Having a manual focus would have been great for probably 2-3 shots i didn't take, and i really should have brought a tripod for some of the night shots (will get a mini one to keep in my bag).

The Domke F-803 was the bag I used (in green) - and it doubled as my carry-all between cities.  i did buy one tube insert for it in addition to the standard separator.  it was big enough for the v1, my ipad, ipad keyboard, travel documents, and the extra battery.  it was also small and discrete enough to double as a regular bag so i never felt out of place as a tourist.

There were some low light challenges (didn't try to bump iso higher than 1600 unless needed), and i did get use out of all three lenses i took (10, 10-30, 30-110).  SB-N5 was huge for helping to light subjects.  Wish i played a bit more with the color profiles beforehand, but since i shot raw it's not that big of a deal.

Next lens purchase i think will be the 18.5mm f 1.8  - did a bunch of portrait shots with the 30-110 to get some semblance of bokeh.  I got a bit of dslr envy a while ago, but I'm pretty much over it now  I paid up for my V1 early in 2012, but don't feel too bad even in light of the recent price cuts - this thing performed when it counted in a big way.

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