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Re:I may be "slightly Clueless" :-)

Triggr Happy wrote:

Finally got my camera and first thing I did is check for viewfinder "issue" that some people claim exists.

I immediately realized that there is zero issue. Image in viewfinder is perfect, no smearing at all. People who see smearing don't understand basic optics.

If you move your eye off the center you get double vision, not smearing, because the edge of the viewfinder window frame gets in the way of image in the viewfinder. Image in the viewfinder is focused in your eye but the edge of the viewfinder frame which is closer to your eye is not in focus.

So the image looks out of focus on the sides or in the corners.

I have three Panasonic EVF's, a GH2 a GX1 with VF2 and the GH3, the GH2 and VF2 are quite tolerant of where my eye is and are clear the gh3 is only clear if I have my eye close and centered in the EVF.

Probably normal for a GH3 but not as tolerant of my eye position as the others two, mine is also colour blind, it can't display purple/violet but that is another issue.


Slightly clueless Brian

How do those people take pictures?

Possibly lucky, not and as clever as you

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