Is it possible to sharpen just certain areas of an image?

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Re: Is it possible to sharpen just certain areas of an image?

Sunshine_boy wrote:

blogan wrote:

I just read a post where the poster suggested to the OP to stop sharpening the sky. Is this possible to not sharpen the sky and sharpen other areas of the image? Or was he just taking about images with a lot of sky in them.

I'm using aperture by the way.

To be able to sharpen certain areas only, you need to have layers and layer masks. I don't know if Aperture does. PS does and it's quite easy. Copy the original layer to a new layer, sharpen the new layer and then use a totally black mask over it. Paint with white on the mask, with a variety of opacities to get the required degree of sharpening over different areas from no sharpening (black on mask) to full sharpening (100% white opacity on the mask).

You can also use adjustment brushes in Lightroom or ACR.  I don't think aperture has them

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