WOW Waterproof A77

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Re: WOW Waterproof A77

Martin Daniel Kirk wrote:

If he would submerge the camera, it would surely break...

the weathersealing is for taking care of rain, and you should trust it enough to shoot in rainy weather... but dont count on 100% waterproof sealing !

I submerged my A77 more then once in water - works perfectly fine. Made a photo session of buggy cars, came back home, washed it under the shower - works perfectly fine.

I dare to say that weathersealing on A77 is at least twice as good as on D7000 or C7D.

My friend got his D7000 sunk in mud (which isn't even half as bad as sinking my A77 in pure water) and left with liquid under the top LCD. FAIL.

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