Best Macro Lens for D800E

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mbernard wrote:

That's true if you shoot insects early in the morning. Shoot later and the tripod will be impractical cause insects move too quickly. I'm using both N105 AF-S and 200/4, the latter one usually on a monopod but the 105 handheld. And I've got literally thousands of pics razor sharp. The VR is very helpful to ca 1:2, so larger insects like dragonflies and butterflies can be caught quite easily with this lens. Sometimes an additional light like the Nikon SB-R1C1 lamps is also helpful to increase the contrast.

I wonder if you need the Gitzo Ocean. Obviously, this tripod is of very good quality but is designated rather for challenging conditions like these at sea beaches. IMHO, the Gitzo GT2542LS Systematic or Gitzo GT2542L Mountaineer tripod would be sufficient. There is, of course, the Gitzo Explorer but, while this tripod is perfectly suitable for macro, it is not so universal like those above.

That was exactly my experience.  I usually went to the butterfly house with my camera club first thing in the morning, and the butterflies were not too active.  I used the 200 f4 in the afternoon when they were flitting all over the place, hence my poor results.

I am glad to hear that you were able to get razor sharp pictures with the 105mm VR handheld to 1:2.  That was the macro capability of my Nikon 70-180mm Micro also - without even AF-S nor VR.

I will find out soon enough on my copy of the 105 VR, I should get it on Tuesday.

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