24-120mm f4 and TC-14E ll ?

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Won't work, won't mount

axcentphoto wrote:

I will be purchasing a D800 soon and will miss my trusty 18-200 VR as my 'everyday lens'. I have decided to purchase a 24-120mm f4 as a replacement FF lens. But for a little 'extra reach' I am considering a TC-14E ll in addition, it will add 40% reach. But at a cost of $500!!! and a loss of one stop. Does this make sense to anybody??? thanks...Brent

Hi Brent,

That TC will not mount on the lens.  The lens lacks the TAB that the TC requires.  If it did mount, the rear element might hit the TC damaging both.

Also this combo would not really add enough to be worth the cost.  |.4x times a small number is still a small number.  1.4x times a very large number might be the same 40% gain but the gain will be a larger number and likely worth it.

If you are happy with a 18-200 and all the image compromises it makes, why go FX?  Also if the 500 dollar cost of a TC is high to you, the constant higher cost of FX glass will probably frustrate you.  I'm not saying do not get a FX camera.  I am saying if you decide to go FX do so with a full understanding of what that means with regards to lens cost, lens weight and so on.

The 24-120 seems a nice lens.  But it is more of the FX version of the 16-85 not the 18-200.  You have to keep in mind the crop factor on your DX body when comparing DX to FX.  So equivalent FOV you will see on the d800 from the 24-120 will be the same as a 16-80 on a d7000.

If you want a nice telephoto lens for the d800, get the Nikon 70-300vr which will give you the same FOV as your 18-200 did on the telephoto end but with better image quality.

My suggestion: Stop and ponder this upgrade a bit more.

Take care,


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