D800 focus with 1.4 prime lenses is very variable and inaccurate

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Re: I'm not surprised.

rtf wrote:

Hi. Maybe my views with regard to what I would personally expect from my camera equipment, are outdated, but what I see is a 36 million pixel sensor, f1.4 - with very limited depth of field, camera hand held, and a subject that is not 100% still. Your lens will not perform at it's best at f1.4 either. Why did you need to shoot at f1.4? You would still have isolated the background at f2, but gave yourself a fighting chance with a little bit more depth of field. I have a D800/D700/D7000 and I would not expect any of them to be at their best at f1.4. It's a big ask.



Not limited to f1.4. It also happens also at f1.8 (50mm and 85mm G) and f2.8 (14-24mm).

It's a matter on how much the pdaf microadjustments move subject in or out of focus at each shutter press.

In this very moment I am trying to adjust a 50mm f1.8 G with Lenaslign: it's a total waste of time, since in each shot of a 5 shots series at f1.8 focus lands in a different place of the angled ruler (and I follow "procedures" to the point).

Right now I consider my D800 an "f4 camera" ...


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