Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

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Re: Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

bhollis wrote:

Maximus68 wrote:

I seem to have difficulty getting a focused picture when there are two
or more people in a shot. Two people I might get lucky once in a
while. Three or more, I have no chance. What happens is, the camera
focuses on a particular spot and the rest is somewhat blurry. I have
tried a few settings and gone to automatic at times-and I still miss.
Can someone shed some light and point me to a particular setting Or something I am missing. I am sure Depth of field has a role in this.

My equipment is the 5d Mark iii, 85mm 1.2, 24-70 2.8, 50mm 1.2 and a
70-200mm 2.8. They are all Canon lenses.
I know each lens would pose a different set of settings but if you
could pick one, I'd appreciate it.

My last outing was last night-my nieces sweet sixteen. It was a dark
club but I used the 600ex-rt flash.

please break down the steps and terminology as best as you can

You've got some very nice, very capable and very expensive equipment. You've also got some very "fast" lenses. By fast I mean that the lenses have large maximum apertures, which means that they're capable of gathering more light, but with shallow depth of field. For example, shooting with your 85 at f/1.2 will give you razor thin depth of field, which is entirely unsuitable for group pictures.

What it sounds like you don't have, and please don't take offense here, is a basic understanding of photographic principles. Without that understanding, your very capable gear is not going to deliver the kinds of photos you want.

My recommendation: take a course in photography. Otherwise, read a good book, like this one.

Totally understand what you mean.  No offense taking.   I just come from the camp of  buy it once-i don't believe it working my way up.  It's a waste of money but more importantly, time.

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