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Shoot. Function vs. form tips in function's favor here

The X-E1 is such a beauty of a camera. I think that this RRS plate imbalances the body too much. The industrial designer who created the X series camera body "look" is likely grinding his teeth when he sees this.

I have a small RRS plate that I affix to the underside of my X-E1 that looks bad, too. It interrupts the clean horizontal line of the camera's base. It also makes it impossible to put the camera down on its baseplate without it tipping onto the lens. Bummer.

My two cents:

RRS should have created a plate that was completely flush with the face and rear of the body except for the area just underneath the lens mount where they could have it bulge out into the Arca-Swiss mount design. They could add a metal lip to make it anti-twist there, too.

Ultimately, I want the plate to be as inconspicuous as possible so as not to take away from the clean line aesthetics of the body/lens combo. I don't care so much about this on all of my dSLR-shaped bodies because there are already bulges and imbalances that take away from the simple, clean look of the body in the first place.

In my mind, this new RRS plate is like putting a cheap aluminum frame around the Mona Lisa.

To those who criticize me for caring too much about how something looks: I think it is impossible to truly appreciate the beauty of photographic images without having a significant appreciation for the beauty of the tools you use to create those images - from straps through to tripod feet! Those who say "you are wrong" are likely not being truly honest with themselves...;-)

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