D600 OIL/DUST Report at 12,720 Shutter Count

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Leo, we should do something with this.

The information you are referring to comes from a single Nikon rep on the telephone, stating it would void the warranty. However, we have seen conflicting statements before. We need to collect an offical reply of Nikon in each country on the following question:
If I clean the sensor or someone else cleans the sensor because stains do not come off with a blower, does this automatically void the warranty ?

If the answer per email sounds like a simple 'yes', than Nikon should cover all costs to clean the sensor. Oil doesn't come from the outside, thus it is always a product failure. Cost nclude shipping and insurance. We should put this out in the open to make a firm statement.

They may come up with an in between answer like 'it depends'. For instance, they may state that any damage to the filter after a cleaning by a third party will not be covered by the warranty. Which means the text in the manual should be interpreted differently.

I will open an email request tonight for Nikon NL. I suggest you and others with a D600 dust and oil bin do the same thing.


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