Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

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Nigel Wilkins
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Re: Canon 5d Mark iii Help with focusing

Nigel Wilkins wrote:

If one person is in focus & others aren't, you need more depth of field by adjusting to a smaller aperture, say f/11 instead of f/2.8. If that's not an option, you can use a shorter focal length (& stay where you are) or step back from your subjects, reducing magnification.

To clarify,

Maximus68 wrote:

...I am sure Depth of field has a role in this.

please break down the steps and terminology as best as you can!

Depth of Field - the distance in front of & behind the focused distance which is acceptably sharp.

Depth of field increases with reducing apertures (larger aperture numbers) & reduces with magnification.

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