Manual focus. why the obsession?

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Re: Manual focus. why the obsession?

"Are they doing any better now, with all the benefits of modern technology?"


Modern technology allows for great captures in more challenging conditions. You will get more keepers and be able to cover more of the action.

In low light with ISO64 film you are far more limited in what you can do. You can prefocus (needed since DOF is going to be low) and hope that the action occurs where you set your focus. But if it happens elsewhere you are more likely to miss it. Not enough DOF for zone focusing to work. Likewise in lower light you may not have the shutter speed needed to get the shot in the first place.

With fast glass (and SOTA AF) you can follow the action easier and get more of it. The dramatically higher ISO available on modern cameras let you have higher DOF as well as faster shutter speeds.

Watch the pros at a sporting event and you will see they have moved on with technology. It was the much faster AF that let Canon take the lead from Nikon in the 90s.

You can absolutely get some shots using the older methods, but if your livelihood is on the line you are going to want every advantage you can get.


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