Is post production sharpening necessary with D800E?

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Re: CNX2 No Worse

Jack Hogan wrote:

digital ed wrote: A question about the spectral highlights in this photo caused, I think, by the water droplets in the pine needles.

They are Specular Highlights, those that since the beginning of time are supposed to be blown as the condition necessary to obtain an otherwise properly exposed photograph - that's still true today, and if you are interested I can explain why in a separate post.

In DXO I can remove them using the Chromatic Aberration control set to automatic (100%) with no other adjustments. I found I could not remove them in CNX2. ...I believe they can be seen in the RawDigger histograms as the spike at EVO +3.

If they are clipped in the raw data, assuming you are correct as I believe you are in attributing them to the saturation count, there is no bringing them or their detail back. If they disturb you, you can reduce their impact on the overall image by using a number of pixel editors: it's an artistic decision, not a technical one.

I never tried CA to reduce such an effect, but CA is a very specific tool that was not meant to be used for this purpose and may result in undesireable results elsewhere in the image. However, whatever works to get the desired outcome ;-).

Because the specular drops are so small the Dead Pixel remover in DXO works just as well. Very interesting.

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