Canadian Visit - Wide angle lens dilemma

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Wide, wider, widest.

Car629 wrote:

That's our holiday booked to Canada in June/July for three weeks visiting Ottawa and Toronto.

I had asked in a previous thread what to take with me photography wise but one of the replies I got was decide on what type of lens I wanted first. I have now decided I want to take a wide angle lens but not too sure what to go for. I had originally thought about buying a FF lens but now looking at a crop lens instead, so undecided on what to buy all the reviews are just so confusing, I just can't look any more!

Any very simple help would be very much appreciated.

I assume your widest now is 18mm?

Only wide angle FF lenses that go wider are 14mm f2.8 prime lenses and the Sigma 12-24mm zoom lens. Both will be rather bulky and heavy.

The only 14mm I would recommend due to its low price is the Samyang 14mm f2.8, a wide angle lens which is very sharp but a bit undercorrected (quite heavy barrel distortion). You will have to correct that in software at times.

Then there is the obvious choice. Canon EF 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM. Not the best build quality (the lens barrel can break), and does not come with its lens hood standard, so factor in its lens hood (or cheaper 3rd party alternative) in the price. It has low distortion, and good IQ for its type. Vignets quite heavily, but it is a gradual vignetting so you do not get those obvious dark corners, and stopping down helps.

Now for the widest option... the Sigma 8-16mm. Also good IQ, has a bulbous front element.

Personally I might choose the Sigma, just because 8mm is quite a bit wider than 10mm.

Those would be my wide (FF lenses), wider (Canon 10-22mm) and widest (8-16mm Sigma) recommendations. I would not chance the Tokina 12-24mm f4 (has a design error).

A bit of an odd suggestion:

Voigtlander 20mm f3.5 SL II. Does not go as wide as your (my guess) kit lens, but has much better IQ, is light and small and beautifully made. Why recommend it as wide angle on APS-C? Because I like making my photos wide by shooting 2 or more frames and stitching them. 3 panoramic shots with this lens will get as wide a view as an UWA lens, but will give higher resolution and more attractive framing. It is a manual focus lens, in use (not so much in reviews, oddly enough) very nice IQ (sharp, contrasty). And FF, so future proof.

I will get one... in future. Like I said, a bit odd a suggestion, but it will suit my shooting style (and is lovely compact and beautifully built).


I would like a bag to carry my equipment but do not want a normal camera bag - comfort will be very high on my list as equipment gets heavy also need it to carry a few other things as I am female after all.

While I am on the subject of Canada is there any places of interest that you think should be a must in those two areas - Niagara is definitely on our bucket list.

Look forward to your replies and sorry if this is the wrong forum guys.


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