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Act like a couple of adults and negotiate an annual toy-hobby budget

george4908 wrote:

I currently have the Olympus 12/2, 17/1.8, 40/1.8 and 75/1.8. My question is, if I get the Panasonic 25/1.4, will my wife kill me?

Each of you want to buy things that the other won't have a full appreciation of. Sit down together, look at your household finances, and negotiate a fair deal. If you end up with $2,000/yr of discretionary spending that's fully your own with no questions asked, then decide how much of that you want to spend on lenses vs. single-malt Scotch and cigars, but be a Mensch and live within your budget. Maybe you also need $10K this year for boat maintenance, which the whole family enjoys but you take primary responsibility for. Similarly with her, if she ends up with $2K/yr discretionary, she can decide whether to spend it on sparkly shoes or her antique gun collection, but she too should be a Mesch and live within her means. Maybe she also needs $8K this year for flooring and carpets, which the whole family benefits from but she takes primary responsibility for. You'll both get more money for fun stuff next budget year, and the lens will still be available then. Any special overages by either party should be done in plain sight, not slinking around like an investment banker in 2008.

You can give each other gifts (including Paypal credit, etc.) to help each other go over the limit a bit, which can be kind of fun.
Just my opinion, I know not all marriages work that way.

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