Monopod for Video needs with the GH-3

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Re: Monopod for Video needs with the GH-3

thorkilry wrote:

Just buy a Olympus E-M5, You can do it handheld...

No you can't. It is impossible to hand held and do a fluid movement, Pan, Crane, Tilt. If that were true and hand held "Blair Witch Project" effect aside no one would need a fluid head for professional or Hollywood movie or TV show making.

With that said, they are using a Stedicam type product anyway to fly the camera for video. Shooting stills is 100% differently done.

So using the OMD or GH-3 whatever shooting video vs stills you have to or should plan differently.

The easiest test is to do the same movement handheld, with a ball head, with a 3 way head and then a specific fluid video head.  The video head just has different friction controls so you can go from a Pan to a tilt seamlessly.  If your using a Tripod I want to get at a point one that has a geared center column.  The rapid column is a problem because that craning move has to be slow and steady or it looks like an earth quake.

So you can crank the center column and easily continue the move.  It helps to know your stop point when doing a move in video.

If its serious enough a second body would be great so you don't have to change lenses if you have lots of near and far action. Unless you have a lull to change quickly its challenging.

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